Water Bowls
Water Bowls

Water Bowls

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Designer Fold and Carry Travel Water Bowl 
These are ideal for hikers, campers or people who like to travel with their pets. Conveniently allows pet owners to give their pets fresh water as needed. The snap on the side of the bowl allows it to be easily attached to a backpack. The elastic on the side allows it to be folded into a smaller carrying size. The pets can have a matching collar, leash, harness and water bowl in most cases. Please check availability of matching items.

MATERIAL: 600 Denier, coated fabric to hold water, lining on inside is black, trim on plain colors is black

LARGE Dimensions: mouth 8.5", base 9.5", depth 4.25", approx. 84 oz.
MEDIUM Dimensions: mouth 6", base 7.5", depth 3.5", approx. 48 oz.
SMALL Dimensions: mouth 5", base 6.25", depth 3", approx. 18 oz.
PETITE Dimensions: mouth 4.5", base 5.25", depth 2", approx. 10 oz.

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